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António Ramos Rosa

Textos e Pretextos Nº 9
Year: 2006

António Ramos Rosa – Textos e Pretextos, Autumn/Winter 2006, nº 9

“De toda matéria escura / sufocada e contraída / nasce o grito claro”. These are António Ramos Rosa’s verses, from the work “Viagem através de uma Nebulosa”. We all suffer from this suffocating, but few become hoarse from the cry that is hope, breath or simply horizon.

Ramos Rosa was always destined to be subject of a theme in this journal. Over almost five years of publications, going through authors such as Herberto Helder, Maria Velho da Costa, Eugénio de Andrade or Chico Buarque, Textos e Pretextos never lost sight of the author of poems such as “O Boi da Paciência” or “Estou vivo e escrevo sol”. António Ramos Rosa breathes poetry and fills us with the breath of those born inspired.

An award-winning author with a vast number of published works, Ramos Rosa is one of the greatest poets of contemporary Portuguese literature. And he knows this literature like no one else, as he is a compulsive reader that always found himself in the company of books. An existence of paper, we might say, where life and words are never far apart.

Ramos Rosa establishes natural bonds of kindness and friendship with those who listen to him. Generosity, we would say, is the balance we can make of this issue dedicated to him. It is this feature that best defines him, generosity towards others and literature itself, to which he dedicated his whole life. He writes and draws every day, a ritual as important as eating or sleeping. He finds new friends in all the places he visits and words seem to glow more and more, light, delicate, but alive. At the age of 82, António Ramos Rosa is one of those men that know the taste of life. And we try to learn that from him. 

Margarida Gil dos Reis



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