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Research Groups

CITCOM – Citizenship, Critical Cosmopolitanism, Modernity/ies, (Post)Colonialism
Coord. Clara Saraiva

CITCOM starts from the idea that Comparatism includes a reflective approach to the way it studies and conceives concepts and objects for comparison in specific post-colonial contexts. Research is carried out from a multidisciplinary perspective, dialoguing with the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and paying particular attention to, citizenship, comparative colonialisms, migration, gender, memory and history.


  • Colonial/post-colonial studies: Europe, Africa, Brazil
  • Citizenship, critical cosmopolitanism, modernities
  • Visual culture: memories, translations, heritages
  • Diasporas, Migration and Circulations

Research projects: Citizenship, migration, heritage and cosmopolitanism; Memorialist discourse and the building of History; Legacies of Empire and Colonialism in comparative perspective; Comparing We’s; Visual Culture.

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LOCUS – Spaces, Places, Landscapes
Coord. Susana Araújo

The group examines the practice and theory of spaces, places, landscapes and borders. It promotes new research on the historical, social and material construction of space and the relationship between place(s) and culture(s). Some of the ongoing projects examine the way nationality and transnationality shape the everyday experience of place and culture, while others focus on the ways globalization and cosmopolitanism shape cultural and aesthetic cartographies.


  • Theories of spaces, places, landscapes, borders
  • National and transnational cultures
  • Intersections between space, media and the psyche
  • Aesthetic cartographies of globalization

Research projects: CILM: City and (In)Security in Literature and in the Media; DIIA: Iberian and Ibero-American Dialogues; LIT&TOUR: Literature and Tourism; Orion: Portuguese Orientalism; Travel and Utopia; MOV: Moving Bodies: Circulations, Narratives and Archives in Translation.

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MORPHE – Text and Memory
Coord. Cristina Almeida Ribeiro

The group aims at investigating questions derived from different kinds of personal, cultural, or literary memory and their relationship with mediated forms such as literary tradition, emotions and textual memory. Literature and the arts are considered instrumental in the debate of how individual, collective and cultural identities are (trans)formed and submitted to a permanent process of revision. Special attention is given to critical editions and archival work.


  • Memory studies
  • Literary traditions
  • World literature
  • Textualities

Research Clusters and Projects: Comparative World Literature; Aesthetics of Memory and Emotions; ECHO: Poetry and Poets from the Cancioneiro Geral; Textualities; ESSE – Facing Mirrors: Fernando Pessoa in Comparative Perspectives;  Mutating-Selves, Becoming-Others: Posthumanist Literary Imagination.

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THELEME – Interart and Intermedia Studies
Coord. Claudia Fischer

The group fosters research that embraces different artistic practices from an inclusive perspective, setting out to devise innovative methodological and reflective approaches to emerging interart phenomena. The group privileges an intermedial perspective by focusing on the medium of work, processes of (re)mediation, translation and how the interface between verbal, visual and audio media – often through processes of importation – generates and negotiates cultural, social and political meanings.


  • Interarts
  • Intermediality
  • Media Translation
  • Aesthetics

Research projects: Sinestesia; TETRA – Theatre and Translation; Off-Off Lisbon: Urban Alternative Narratives; RIAL – Realism and Imagination in Art and Literature; Music and Literature; Cinema and the World: Studies on Space and Cinema.

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This work is financed by national funds through the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., within the scope of the project UIDB/00509/2020 and UIDP/00509/2020.