DIIA – IBERIAN AND IBERO-AMERICAN DIALOGUES – Comparatistas – english version


P.I.: Ângela Fernandes


The aim of Project DIIA is to conduct in-depth research into the relationships between literatures in Portuguese and other Iberian languages produced in Europe and the Americas, especially since the 19th century. Taking Portuguese and Brazilian literatures as point of departure, and exploring trans-lingual contacts, the research conducted involves the identification, from a comparative point of view, of intra-Iberian as well as trans-Atlantic and trans-American dialogues, considering Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Basque, and Hispano-American literatures and cultures.

With the current intensification of political, economic and cultural contacts in the Iberian and Iberoamerican context, the critical reassessment of the history of these dialogues gains special relevance, namely considering the modern panorama of established and emerging nationalities. Moreover, the historical approach should be accompanied by a careful consideration of these geographical and symbolic spaces, as well as of their permeable borders.

Admitting the central role played by literature and the other arts in defining cultural identities, the Project proposes several research paths, and takes as its main fields of analysis: the critical reading and translation of literary texts, the reflection on the similarities and differences between the various Iberian and Iberian-American literatures and cultures, and the thematization of identity matters in works of art and relevant cultural productions.


Since 2014, Project DIIA aims at developing 3 main lines of research, following the work that had been carried out since 2009:

  • the comparative analysis of the Iberian cultural space since the 19th century, building a digital map of Iberian literatures and delving into the intellectual relations within the Peninsula;
  • the comprehensive research on censorship systems in Iberian 20th century visual and performative arts;
  • the study of disenchantment in contemporary Iberian and Iberoamerican cultures, considering their European and Transatlantic dimension, and the connections between scientific, political and artistic discourses.


Ângela Fernandes
Ana Bela Morais
Antonio Sáez Delgado
Doris Wieser
Fátima Fernandes da Silva
Santiago Pérez Isasi
Sara Rodrigues de Sousa
Alva Martínez Teixeiro
Cristina M. Tejero
Esther Gimeno Ugalde
Francisco Serra-Lopes
Isabel Araújo Branco
Isabel Dâmaso Santos
José Pedro Sousa
María del Carmen Fondo
Montserrat Arre Marfull
Raquel Baltazar
Catarina Rodrigues
Elena Cordero
Miguel Mochila
Susana Gonçalves

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  • 2010. A Europa na Literatura Latino-Americana. Textos de Gabriel García Márquez, Luis Sepúlveda, Alejo Carpentier e Julio Cortázar. Trad. Isabel Araújo Branco e Rita Almeida Simões. Prefácios de Maria Fernanda de Abreu e Ângela Fernandes. Lisboa: Câmara Municipal & Casa da América Latina.

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IStReS – Iberian Studies Reference Site



This work is financed by national funds through the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., within the scope of the project UIDB/00509/2020 and UIDP/00509/2020.