CILM – CITY AND (IN)SECURITY IN LITERATURE AND THE MEDIA – Comparatistas – english version


P.I.: Susana Araújo

Group LOCUS examines ideas of place, landscape and borders, organising its activities through 6 research clusters:

1 – CILM: CITY AND (IN)SECURITY IN LITERATURE AND IN THE MEDIA has three working groups (1) “Comparing Home/lands” examines ideas of Homeland Security in relation to local and global contexts and hosts the DIS-SEC Project funded in the context of CEEC/FCT 2018; (2) “Prison States” explores the discursive construction of carceral spaces; (3) “Endangered Bodies” explores how gender and genre intersect in the creation of narratives of in/security.

2 – DIIA: IBERIAN AND IBERO-AMERICAN DIALOGUES aims to conduct in-depth research into the relationships between literatures in Portuguese and other Iberian languages produced in Europe and the Americas. DIIA has reinforced its position through the organization of seminars and publications and hosts the FCT-funded project Digital Map of Iberian Literary Relations (IF/00838/2014).

3 – LIT&TOUR: LITERATURE AND TOURISM examines the relation between literature and tourism, focusing on representations of tourism and of tourist experiences in literature, as well as literary tourism. It hosts the Literary Tour of the Algarve which was one of the winning projects in the most recent edition of the Portuguese Participatory Budget (2018).

4 – MOV: MOVING BODIES: CIRCULATIONS, NARRATIVES AND ARCHIVES IN TRANSLATION gives voice to translational agents, considering micro and macro-histories of translation. It organises the TRT roundtable annually and operates TradBase-Portuguese Bibliography of Translation Studies online.

5 – ORION – PORTUGUESE ORIENTALISM promotes a continuous discussion around Portuguese orientalism (C 19 and C 20). It hosts two FCT funded projects: one on the Portuguese representations of India (IF/01452/2013) and another on the Portuguese participation in the International Congresses of Orientalists (PTDC/CPC-CMP/0398/2014).

6 – TRAVEL AND UTOPIA discusses problems in utopian studies and develops research on contemporary and problematic utopias; it examines the problematization of travel writing, the destabilisation of utopian narratives and the contemporary idealisation of utopia/dystopia.


Susana Araújo
Ana Romão
Catarina Frois
Cristina Tejero
Daniel Lourenço
Elisa Scaraggi
Eva Dinis
Golgona Anghel
Igor Furão
Ivan Villarmea
Simone Tulumello
Susana Martins
João Gabriel



  • Cidades e (In) Seguranças [Título Provisório] (Coleção de Ensaios). (no prelo)
  • 2012. “(In) securities” – Special issue of the online journal Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Guest editors: Susana Araújo and Susana Martins.
  • 2012. Susana Araújo, Ana Raquel Fernandes, and Sandra Bettencourt (eds.). Inseguranças no Espaço Urbano: Perspetivas Culturais (Reader). V.N. Famalicão: Edições Húmus.


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