PEC-Biblioteca – Comparatistas – english version
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Between Worlds – Interpreters, Guides, And Survivors
New Brunswick - Rutgers University Press,1994 (Disponível) []
KASSIS, Riad Aziz
The Book of Proverbs & Arabic Proverbial Works
Leiden, Boston, Köln - Brill,1999 (Disponível) []
KATAN, David
Translating Cultures – An Introduction for Translators, Interpreters and Mediators
Manchester - St. Jerome Publishing,1999 (Disponível) []
KELLEY, Donald R. (org.)
The History of Ideas – Canon and Variations
Rochester, NY - University of Rochester Press,1990 (Disponível) []
KENNEDY, Dennis (org.)
Foreign Shakespeare – Contemporary Performance
Cambridge, New York, Melbourne - Cambridge University Press,1993 (Disponível) []
Dilemmas of Enlightenment – Studies in the Rhetoric and Logic of  Ideology
Berkeley, Los Angeles, London - University of California Press,1993 (Disponível) []
KHAYYAM, Omar, Fitzgerald, Edward (trad.)
The Little Book of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Shaftesbury, UK - Element Books,1995 (Disponível) []
KITTEL, Harald (org.)
Geschichte, System, Literarische Übrsetzung / Histories, Systems, Literary Translations (Göttinger Beiträge zur Internationalen Übersetzungforschung: Band 5)
Berlin - Erich Schmidt Verlag,1992 (Disponível) []
KITTEL, Harald (org.), FRANK, Armin Paul (org.)
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Berlin - Erich Schmidt Verlag,1991 (Disponível) []
KOELB, Clayton (org.), NOAKES, Susan (org.)
The Comparative Perspective on Literature – Approaches to Theory and Practice
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KORTE, Barbara
English Travel Writing – From Pilgrimages to Postcolonial Explorations
Houndmills, London, New York - Macmillan Press/ St. Martin’s Press,2000 (Disponível) []
Training the Translator
Amsterdam, Philadelphia - John Benjamins Publishing Company,1995 (Disponível) []
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