“P’ARTE DA CONVERSA” – 1st seminar – Filippo Biagianti & Simone Massi – Documentary and animation cinema – Comparatistas – english version

“P’ARTE DA CONVERSA” – 1st seminar – Filippo Biagianti & Simone Massi – Documentary and animation cinema

Dates: 3 October 2019, 17:00 – 19:00
Venue:  Room B6, FLUL Library


The cycle “P’ARTE DA CONVERSA” are meetings in the form of a conversation and a show (micro-exhibition, performance or screening) with artists and actors of the contemporary artistic and cultural life, Portuguese and international, with a focus on alternative, marginal, subaltern, dissident practices, and/or ephemeral and site-specific.

For the opening session of this new cycle of meetings” P’ARTE DA CONVERSA, we invited Filippo Biagianti (in person) and Simone Massi (on skype) to show their work and discuss the different ways it relates to public space, exploring and revisiting its collective memory and engendering social change through common participation and collaboration to art events, while at the same time giving prominence to cinematic forms and practices that are generally considered as “niche” and to an underrepresented part of Italy, with its small stories and histories, a whisper amidst the clamour.

Simone Massi is an artist and animator who lives in Pergola, Marche. He is considered one of the main animators and short-movies directors in Italy and has won more than 200 prizes nationally and internationally. In 2012 he won the David of Donatello as the best short movie, while in 2019 he received the Flaiano prize for his animations in the movie Samouni Road by Stefano Savona. He is also the author of the posters and introductory videos of the Venice Film Festival.

Filippo Biagianti is a documentary, video-maker and photo reporter who lives and works in Urbino, Marche, where he also teaches montage at the Academy of Arts. He has been realizing independent reportages and documentaries since 2001. Both Simone and Filippo focus their work on the Marche territory through their documentaries and animation movies, while taking part in projects that look beyond the local and engage in discussing and bringing to the fore political issues and international conflicts.

Their trajectories, unraveling off the beaten track of cinematic arts, meet at Animavì Festival of Animation Cinema and Poetic Arts, organised annually since 2016 in Pergola, a small town in the centre of Italy.

In this encounter we are going to delve into their separate careers and into their collaboration at Animavì – Simone as its artistic director and Filippo as its video-maker and collaborator – through short documentaries, animated movies and an exchange with the public.

The talk will be in English, Portuguese and Italian.

Moderation: Vanessa Montesi (CEC-FLUL / PhD Comp)

This work is financed by national funds through the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., within the scope of the project UIDB/00509/2020 and UIDP/00509/2020.