CEC-Biblioteca – Comparatistas – english version
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Kant, Immanuel
Escritos sobre o Terramoto de Lisboa
Coimbra - Almedina,2005 (Livro) [CEC 1 KANT]
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Strangers, Gods and Monsters
Londres - Routledge,2003 (Livro) [CEC 1 KEAR]
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Keating, Maria, Ana Macedo (org)
Diacrítica – Jorge Luis Borges: Outras Literaturas Outros Labirintos, Nº 17/3
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Writing the Environment: ecocriticism & Literature
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The Poetics of Authorship in the Later Midle Ages: the Emergence of the Modern Literary Persona
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King, Bruce (ed.)
New National and Post-Colonial Literatures: An Introduction
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Weather Wisdom: Proverbs, Superstitions, and Signs
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Fin de Siècle: 19th and 20th Century Comparisons and Perspectives
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The Practice of Conceptual History: Timing History, Spacing Concepts
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L’expérience de L’histoire
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Future Past: on the Semantics of Historical Time
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The City: A Global History
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Iconography of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
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Problemas fundamentais da teoria da literatura
Lisboa - Caminho,1989 (Livro) [CEC 1 KRAU]
Kroeber, Karl
Ecological Literary Criticism: romantic Imagining and the Biology of Mind
New York - Columbia University Press,1994 (Livro) [CEC 1 KROE]
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