ACT 13 – Theory of Systems. Through Literature and Art – Comparatistas – english version

ACT 13 – Theory of Systems. Through Literature and Art

Editors: Fernanda Gil Costa
Publisher: Colibri / CEC
Year: 2006

Those of us who spend several hours of every working day glued to the screen, with our bodies almost completely dysfunctional [and yet not completely deprived of an unexplained but widely known erotic appeal], riding the tides of incoming and outgoing messages, feeling chased and yet addicted, may be ready to discover that Luhmann’s conceptual repertoire offers marvelous descriptive possibilities for this specific type of communication. What makes this discovery only more exciting is the certainty that Niklas Luhmann himself was as far as possible from wanting to adapt his theory to any experience of his own with electronic communication: the mediatic form of his famous file cabinet – “der Zettelkasten” – were handwritten notes, and for manuscript production I seem to remember that Luhmann used an electric IBM typewriter.


  •  The Beautiful Challenge of Counterintuitive Coherence about Niklas Luhmann’s Intellectual Legacy, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
  • Para que serve a Teoria de Sistemas?, Jochen Hörisch
  • Second-order Observation and the Observation of Art, Edmundo Balsemão Pires
  • A Arte da Teoria. Notas sobre o design da teoria estética de Niklas Luhmann, Jochen Hörisch

Nota final

  • Sobre a construção do mundo, Fernanda Gil Costa
This work is financed by national funds through the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P., within the scope of the project UIDB/00509/2020 and UIDP/00509/2020.