Vanessa Montesi

PhD Student


Biographical note

Vanessa Montesi (Senigallia, Italia, 1993) gained her undergraduate degree with honours in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna in 2015. (Dissertation: Grammatical metaphor and journalistic language: the case of Japanese-Americans during the IIWW). She holds a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies from the University of Sheffield (2016) with a dissertation on dance as a form of intersemiotic translation, with special focus on the translation of “1984” by the choreographer Jonathan Watkins. In 2015 she spent a semester at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, where she lived and worked as a teacher of Italian and English during 2016-2017. She is currently a PhD Student at the international FCT PhD Programme in Comparative Studies.

Main areas of research

  • Dance;
  • Inter semiotic Translation;
  • Translation.

Selected publications

  • Translation of Wang Ping’s poems, in “La questione romantica” (Vol. 8, n. 1-2).

Off Off Lisbon: Alternative Urban narratives / THELEME 

Tetra: Theatre and Translation/ THELEME