Manuela Ribeiro Sanches

Senior Lecturer (retired)


Biographical note

Manuela Ribeiro Sanches received her Ph.D.from the University of Lisbon in 1993. She is Assistant Professor with teaching aggregation at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon and was the director of the Centre for Comparative Studies (2013-2016). She conceived and coordinated the research group CITCOM and was responsible for the research project ‘Comparing Empires: Compared Colonial Iconographies’ as well as the scientific coordination of the website ArtAfrica.

Main areas of research

  • Post-colonial studies
  • Theories of anti-colonialism
  • Questions of multiculturalism and migration
  • African film

Selected publications

  • 2011. (Ed.). Malhas que os impérios tecem. Textos anti-coloniais, contextos pós-coloniais. Lisbon: Edições 70.
  • 2011. (Co-ed.). Europe in Black and White. Immigration, Race and Identity in the ‘Old Continent. Bristol: Intellect.
  • 2006. (Ed.). “Portugal não é um país pequeno”. Contar a Império na pós-colonialidade. Lisbon: Cotovia.
  • 2005. (Ed.). Deslocalizar a “Europa”. Antropologia, arte, literatura e história na pós-colonialidade. Lisbon: Cotovia.

Visual Culture, Migration, Globalization and Decolonization / CITCOM