P.I.: Pénélope Patrix


This project proposes to study contemporary artistic and cultural practices, as well as representations of urban space which contribute towards new cultural, political and spatial configurations of the contemporary city and, in particular, of Lisbon. Additionally, the project aims to reinvigorate discussion of arts practices by framing them within architectural, political and urban contexts and, at the same time, address the built environment in the expectation that new possibilities for social interaction and inclusion, communication and creative expression will emerge. Inspired by the Off-Off-Broadway movement, which exemplifies the interplay between mainstream and alternative, we will pay particular attention to the contribution of different social, ethnic and artistic groups and minorities, as well as emergent, experimental or community-based artistic phenomena. The team will look at the way how arts practices represent peripheral lived or appropriated spaces and their potential impact on society, and how they visualize new ideas about place and community.


  • to identify and analyse artistic practices and objects which embody the experience of the city of Lisbon or offer a reinterpretation of the urban space;
  • to enable a new understanding and awareness of the impact of public artistic and cultural resources on community cohesion through processes of public participation and consultation;
  • to identify areas of artistic potential, and analyse their historical, political, social and physical facets, in order to devise experimental interventions in that space.


Pénélope Patrix
Ana Filipa Prata
Francesca Negro
Inês Leitão
Marta Traquino
Sandra Camacho
Vanessa Montesi
Verónica Conte


  • Conference Alternative Urban Narratives (guest-speakers: Giusi Campisi and Luca Bertoldi, Museu Wunderkammer,Trento), November 15, 2016, FLUL.
  • Modos de atravessar: urbanidade, sociabilidade e subjectividade, diversidade e proximidade, distância e confronto (speakers: Marta Traquino, Andrea Pavoni, Francesca Negro, Martin Schitter), April 8, 2016, FLUL.
  • 1.º Cycle of Alternative Urban Talks, 2017:
  1. Anselm Jappe talking with Luís Maria Baptista/Os Espacialista. April 26, 2017, FLUL
  2. Margarida Agostinho talking with Jay Koh. May 23, 2017, FLUL
  3. Ricardo Campos talking with Françoise Schein. October 12, 2017, Livraria Tigre de Papel
  4. Carlos Garrido talking with Verónica Conte. November 7, 2017, Livraria Tigre de Papel