THELEME – Interart and Intermedia Studies

Coord. Filipa Rosário

The group fosters research on different artistic practices and interart phenomena. It comprises 7 research clusters, two of them hosting projects that have been funded by the FCT: TETRA and FALSE MOVEMENT.
CINEMA AND THE WORLD: STUDIES ON SPACE AND CINEMA proposes to question and extend the scientific discussion on filmic spatiality. In a time defined by the radical shift of films’ exhibition practice and audience reception, mise en scène and cinematic dispositifs react differently to the contemporaneous world perception. FALSE MOVEMENT establishes connections within and between each of these lines of investigation: Writing in film; film writing; film as writing. It hosted a project funded by the FCT (2012-2015).MUSIC & LITERATURE is based on a partnership with CESEM and aims to explore the multiplicity of musico-literary relations. Connecting researchers from both fields of knowledge, its goal is to analyse objects where literary word and music are intentionally related.OFF-OFF Lisbon studies contemporary artistic and cultural practices, and representations of urban space which contribute towards new cultural, political and spatial configurations of the contemporary city and, in particular, of Lisbon. RIAL aims to reconsider the historical dichotomy between reality and
imagination, and the way it has been both challenged and explored in the fields of art, culture, and philosophy, from the 19th century to the present. SINESTESIA aims to explore the multiple relations between particular art forms (mainly painting and literature), as well as to reflect on art in general and aesthetics. TETRA-THEATRE AND TRANSLATION (which runs a project with the same title funded by FCT from 2008 to 2011) intends to advance research in the area of theatre translation in particular moments of the history of Portugal.One of the areas identified as relevant in this context is the relationship between censorship and theatre translation, especially during the period of the Estado Novo.


  • Interarts;
  • Intermediality;
  • Media Translation;
  • Aesthetics.

P’ARTE Ponder, practice, partake, perturb, provoke ART

PI: Pénélope Patrix*

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