P.I.: Marta Pacheco Pinto


In a contemporary time when linguistic and national identities are no longer confined to one nation state but may extrapolate to diasporas or permeate languages and cultures of migrating communities, issues of translation become decisive. The study of translation, either translation proper or as metaphor to (re)examine the multiplicity of cultural practices, allows us to consider the contact and negotiation between cultural and linguistic (polys)systems and the impact of translation across media (Even-Zohar, Pratt, Asad, Bhabha, Apter, Duarte). It raises questions about linguistic power, strategies and tendencies to disseminate particular texts, and how alterity, forms of inclusion, subversion or legitimisation are articulated in the target system.  This research project takes advantage of a comparative-informed approach to intercultural contact to advance a wider understanding of the translational phenomenon. It examines through a culturalist lens different kinds of narratives, both written and visual, as produced by moving bodies, i.e. mediators between and across times, spaces and genres. Special focus will be given to the narratives produced in the period corresponding to colonial and post-colonial Portugal (19th and 20th centuries).


  • To inquire into the concept of cultural translation;
  • To explore the metaphorical advantages of the concept of “translation” in describing intercultural encounters;
  • To examine through a culturalist lens different kinds of narratives, both written and visual, as produced by moving bodies, i.e. mediators between and across times, spaces and genres;
  • To approach translation phenomena from a postcolonial translation studies perspective.


(PI) Marta Pacheco Pinto

Dominique Faria

Everton V. Machado

Joana Moura

João Ferreira Duarte

Manuela Carvalho

Patrícia Couto

Rita Bueno Maia

Sara Ramos Pinto

Serena Cacchioli


TRT. Translators Reflect about Translation (roundtable)

16.03.2017      “Traduzir Jane Austen em Português” [Translating Jane Austen into Portuguese]: Ana Saragoça, Isabel Veríssimo, Jorge Vaz de Carvalho & Paulo Faria (org. Rita Bueno Maia, Universidade Católica Portuguesa).

01.07.2016      “Être traducteur et auteur”: José Manuel Fajardo, Luísa Costa Gomes & Margarida Vale de Gato (org. Dominique Faria, FLUL).

17.10.2015      “Diálogos poéticos entre Portugal e Itália: traduzir a poesia italiana em Portugal e traduzir a poesia portuguesa em Itália” [Poetical dialogues between Portugal and Italy: translating Italian poetry in Portugal and Portuguese poetry in Italy]: António Fournier, Vanessa Castagna & José Manuel de Vasconcelos (org. Serena Cacchioli, FLUL).

30.10.2014      “Traduzir autores ‘pós-coloniais’ para Português” [Translating “postcolonial” authors into Portuguese]: Maria João Lourenço, Teresa Cabral & Zia Soares (Teatro Griot) (org. João Ferreira Duarte, FLUL).

Scientific events

27-28.06.2019   International conference “Translation as Reframing” (University of the Azores).

30.06-01.07.2016   International conference “La Littérature et le théâtre de langue française à l’épreuve de la traduction en Péninsule Ibérique (XVIIIe – XXIe siècles)” (org. Dominique Faria & Ana Clara Santos, FLUL, in collaboration with the Centre for Theatre Studies, University of Lisbon & APEF).

23.05.2016           Lecture “Moving bodies in visuolands” (Rosário Durão, FLUL).

23.09.2015           Performative lecture “Jogos de jargão: uma peça em três actos” [Jargon games: a play in three acts] (org. Joana Moura & Marta Pacheco Pinto) (FLUL).

26-28.11.2015      International conference “ACT 32. The Orient in Translation: Asian languages, literatures and cultures in the Luso space” (org. Catarina Nunes de Almeida & Marta Pacheco Pinto, FLUL & Fundação/Museu do Oriente).

30-31.10.2014 International conference “ACT 31. Moving Bodies across Transland” (org. João Ferreira Duarte, Manuela Carvalho & Marta Pacheco Pinto, FLUL).


Project’s main publication

Pinto, Marta Pacheco, João Ferreira Duarte & Manuela Carvalho, eds. 2017. Cadernos de Tradução: Moving Bodies across Transland 37 (1),