CRITICAL EDITION of Crónica de D. João I, Fernão Lopes

Coordination: Paula Morão

The Project consists in the preparation of a critical edition of Crónica de D. João I Primeira Parte, by Fernão Lopes, never done until now. The idea is to produce the most credible text, notwithstanding its truthfulness being disfavored by the inexistence of any manuscript contemporary to Fernão Lopes. Careful examen and classification of the manuscripts will lessen this inconvenience, allowing the production of a text close to the original. The existence of a significant number of good quality copies without many discrepancies between them allows us to increase the attributed degree of confidence on the resulting edition. The criteria to the settlement of the text will be, as is nowadays the practice in critical editions, at the same time rigorous and reasonable, in order to permit its reading by our contemporaneous readers. This is expected to favor the reading of this text, until today a text more known than read. At the same time, we expect this edition to be a stimulus to future editions, simplified from the graphic point of view but with the advantage of being based on a text established with the most reliability possible. We have already concluded the complete digitalization of sixteenth of the testimonies of the Chronicle, most of them from the 16th century, as well as the comparison between them. Presently, we are working in the settlement of the text, in accordance with the determined transcription rules.