P.I.: Carlos Garrido Castellano

This project aims to analyse in a comparative way how collaborative projects have shaped public arenas within contexts molded by processes of colonial emancipation and imperial dominance. In order to do that, we will explore collective creative practices including visual arts, performance and theatre, seeking to understand how those have contributed to the construction, in several latitudes, of a more open and more democratic, but, above all, more critical, cultural sphere.A focus on individual authorship, a sublimation of particular subjectivities, embedded with a singular capacity of “being ahead of their time and place”, has prevailed in many cases in the research on cultural practices of those contexts.Objectives

This project arises from the hypothesis that the potential of collaborative cultural practices is increasingly shaping our reality worldwide. Its main objective will be to understand how collective agents and collaborative initiatives have shaped cultural agendas within contexts subjected to different forms of former or present colonial or imperial domination; secondly, we intend to analyse how collaboration can become a potentially transformative and contagious practice, permeating multiple scenarios.


  • International Conference “Envisioning the Futures of Emancipation and the Emancipation of Future”. 9-11 September 2015. Universidad Del Atlántico. Barranquilla (Colombia). More info.
  • Seminar “Comparing “WE’s”. Community, Cosmopolitanism and Emancipation in a Global Context.” 8-9 October 2015. Centro de Estudos Comparatistas. Universidade de Lisboa. More info.
  • Conrad James. Conference “Race, Community and the Erotics of Emancipation in Twentieth century Cuba.” June 2015. FLUL.
  • Paz Guevara. Conference “Colaboración y colectivismo en el arte: Exposiciones de posguerra.” 10th of December 2015. FLUL.
  • International Conference “Art and Politics Reloaded. The Right to the City. ISCTE, 5-8 June 2016.
  • Jerome Branche. Conference “Afro-Diasporan Re/Location and the Politics of Permanence. Caso Inglaterra/España. 2nd of May 2016. FLUL.
  • Juan Duchesne Winter. Conference “Del Caribe al Amazonas. Escrituras y cosmografias.” 10th of March 2016. FLUL.
  • International Seminar “Península. Colonialidade e Curadoria.” 27-28th of January 2017. Hangar, Lisbon.
  • International Seminar “Caribbean Traffic. Bodies, Cultures, Knowledges” organized by Conrad James. University of London, 31st of March 2017.
  • Jay Koh. Conference “People-Centered Processes. Performances in the Everyday.” 10th of May 2017. FLUL
  • International Seminar “Africa in Cuba”, organized by Magdalena López. Museu Berardo, 2nd of June 2017.

Activities in progress

  • Course MOOC “Socially-Engaged Art. Global Perspectives, org. Carlos Garrido, Catarina Marques, Nomusa Makhubu, Madalena Galvão.
  • Reader in portuguese on the relations art-polítics, org. Carlos Garrido, Paulo Raposo.


Carlos Garrido Castellano
Ana Maria Nolasco
Carolina Marques
Conrad James
Cristel Jusino
Denisa Tomkova
Eiko Ikegami
Kristen Sharp
Luisa Cardoso
Madalena Galvão
Magdalena López
Nomusa Makhubu
Sílvia Frota