O Nosso Dever Falar

Editors: Alexandre Dias Pinto, Carlota Miranda, Orlanda de Azevedo, Pedro Valente
Publisher: Carnaxide – Santillana Constância


O Nosso Dever Falar
Antologia de Poemas em Torno da Cidadania

Organization and educational approach:

  • Alexandre Dias Pinto
  • Carlota Miranda
  • Orlanda de Azevedo
  • Pedro Valente


  • Manuel Gusmão

O Nosso Dever Falar is a work that essentially fulfills two objectives. On one hand, it is an anthology of poems in the Portuguese language that approach issues regarding citizenship. Taking into account that this has been a prolific theme in the lusophone literature, especially in the 20th century, we gather in this volume a set of lyrical texts that questions issues such as forms of power, poverty, social (in)justice, civic consciousness, but also the respect for others, consumerism, the power of the media or the status of women. On the other hand, this is also a work of educational nature, conceived with the purpose of being use in school subjects such as Portuguese Language, Portuguese Literature, and Civics.  Given this purpose, thirty of the poetic compositions are accompanied by thought-provoking exploratory texts on the issues approached in those works. O Nosso Dever Falar stems from the educational project “Com as Línguas e as Artes a Caminho da Cidadania”, which was supported by the Centre for Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon e was awarded the European Label for Innovative Initiatives in Language Teaching and Learning.