Cesário Verde – Visões de Artista

Editors: Helena Carvalhão Buescu e Paula Morão
Publisher: Campo das Letras
Year: 2007

The best way to highlight the 150 years of the birth of Cesário Verde, celebrated in 2005, was, for us, to organize the Conference “Cesário Verde – Visões de artista”. This volume collects the conference’s papers, which conduct critical reviews on the poet’s work, its framing in the Portuguese literary history, and its current diffusion and influence. Essays by diverse experts from Portuguese and foreign universities, as well as shorter communications from within and out of academia, are published here, showing complementary perspectives in the study of very diverse aspects either regarding the poetic work, or the remaining correspondence of Cesário Verde.

Besides essays by university professors, it also includes essays by secondary school teachers and postgraduation students, as well as texts by public library coordinators, which show the practices of promotion of the poet’s works targeting different publics.

The results of the conference are presented here, offering us a very lively Cesário Verde with a strong presence in Portuguese Literature. We expect that the high relevance of the poet and his exceptional work will be made clearer and updated with these critical contributions.

Helena Carvalhão Buescu e Paula Morão

With texts by:

  • Ana Jardim
  • Ana Luí­sa Alves
  • Ana Santos
  • Duarte Drumond Braga
  • Fátima Rodrigues
  • Fernando Cabral Martins
  • Fernando Pinto do Amaral
  • Gabriel Magalhães
  • Helder Macedo
  • Helena Carvalhão Buescu
  • Inês Cordeiro Silva Dias
  • Isabel Rio Novo
  • João Minhoto Marques
  • José Carlos Seabra Pereira
  • Luí­s Mourão
  • Maria das Graças Moreira de Sá
  • Nicola Cooney
  • Paula Morão
  • Teresa Cristina Cerdeira