A Cultura Entre Tradução e Etnografia

Editor: João Ferreira Duarte
Publisher: Vega
Year: 2008

This books documents the history of a cognitive and disciplinar encounter that can be summarized in the following way: in the 1980s, ethnography was textualized and the study of translation became culturalized. To put it in another way, the ethnographer was no longer able to legitimize his or her authority in the supposed objectivity of the data gathered during fieldwork and then transformed into research articles and monographies destined to a academic public institutionally situated; the translator, on the other hand, was no longer able to be seen was the one who, absent of contextual, conducts transfers of meaning between languages and, by doing so, produces target texts whose only purpose was to be “faithful” to the source texts. The concept of cultural translation was born from the encounter between translation and ethnography, and it is this topic that this book intends to develop, from the discussion and the way that various authors have used this concept in recent times.



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  • “A tradução do Outro da Europa”, Talal Asad e John Dixon
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